Technical Sessions

Tuesday, Oct 1

Konrad-Zuse-Building, HS037




Opening of the Technical ProgramProgram Co-Chairs: H.-J. Schulz, M. Teschner, M. Wimmer


Session 1: ModelingSession Chair: M. Guthe

RodMesh: Two-handed 3D Surface Modeling in Virtual Reality F. Verhoeven, O. Sorkine-Hornung

Reflection Symmetry in Textured Sewing Patterns K. Wolff, P. Herholz, O. Sorkine-Hornung


Session 2: ImagingSession Chair: M. Magnor

Normal Map Bias Reduction for Many-Lights Multi-View Photometric Stereo J. Gan, P. Bergen, T. Thormählen, P. Drescher, R. Hagens

Trigonometric moments for editable structured light range finding S. Werner, J. Iseringhausen, C. Callenberg, M. Hullin

Reconfigurable Snapshot HDR Imaging Using Coded Masks and Inception Network M. Alghamdi, Q. Fu, A. Thabet, W. Heidrich


Session 3: Machine Learning in Vision & AnalysisSession Chair: C. Tominski

Stochastic Convolutional Sparse Coding J. Xiong, P. Richtarik, W. Heidrich

Learning a Perceptual Quality Metric for Scatterplots L. Wöhler, Y. Zou, M. Mühlhausen, G. Albuquerque, M. Magnor

Open-Box Training of Kernel Support Vector Machines: Opportunities and Limitations M. Khatami, T. Schultz


Session 4: Ensemble Analysis & VisualizationSession Chair: F. Sadlo

Cluster-based Analysis of Multi-Parameter Distributions in Cloud Simulation Ensembles A. Kumpf, J. Stumpfegger, R. Westermann

Clustering Ensembles of 3D Jet-Stream Core Lines M. Kern, R. Westermann

Visual Analytics of Simulation Ensembles for Network Dynamics Q. Ngo, M. Hütt, L. Linsen


Session 5: GPUSession Chair: M. Fuchs

Multi-Level-Memory structures for adaptive SPH simulations R. Winchenbach, A. Kolb

Joint Schedule and Layout Autotuning for Sparse Matrices with Compound Entries on GPUs J. S. Mueller-Roemer, A. Stork, D. Fellner

Wednesday, Oct 2

Konrad-Zuse-Building, HS037




Session 6: Image & Video ProcessingSession Chair: D. Weiskopf

Polarization Demosaicking for Monochrome and Color Polarization Focal Plane Arrays S. Qiu, Q. Fu, C. Wang, W. Heidrich

Consistent Filtering of Videos and Dense Light-Fields Without Optic Flow S. Shekhar, A. Semmo, M. Trapp, O. T. Tusun, S. Pasewaldt, K. Myszkowski, J. Döllner

Local Remote Photoplethysmography Signal Analysis for Application in Presentation Attack Detection B. Kossack, E. Wisotzky, A. Hilsmann, P. Eisert


Session 7: Visualization & Visual AnalyticsSession Chair: T. Schultz

Visual Analysis of Probabilistic Infection Contagion in Hospitals M. Wunderlich, I. Block, T. von Landsberger, M. Petzold, M. Marschollek, S. Scheithauer

A Visual Analytics Tool for Cohorts in Motion Data A. Sheharyar, A. Ruh, D. Valkov, M. Markl, O. Bouhali, L. Linsen

Visualizing Transport and Mixing in Particle-based Fluid Flows T. Rapp, C. Dachsbacher


Invited Talk II: Thomas ErtlSession Chair: C. Tominski


Closing & Awards